Prince Charles Reads the BBC Weather Forecast

Prince Charles has given weather forecasting a try during a BBC Scotland television studio tour. A script had clearly been specially written for the Royal visit, as Prince Charles made reference to Royal properties in the northern part of the United Kingdom. After reading of “the potential for a few flurries over Balmoral”, the Prince asked:… Continue reading Prince Charles Reads the BBC Weather Forecast

First Television Remote Control With Seven Functions

In 1961, the RCA Victor was one of the first TV to get a wireless remote control with seven function to adjust tint, color, brightness, volume, fine tuning, channel selection and on/off. Check out the TV commercial below. I could swear the voice over in the commercial sounded like John F. Kennedy! Source: Dvice

Using Ipad As A Remote Control

The new iPad application can be used to control and manage your lighting, temperature, music, security, television, home theater, and satellite receiver, enabling you to scroll through the program guide and choose to either watch shows you find or record them for later viewing. Watch the video and you’ll know more about the system. The company called Control4 they have an… Continue reading Using Ipad As A Remote Control