Kinsa Smartphone Thermometer

Kinsa Smartphone Thermometer is the world’s smartest thermometer that plugs right into your smartphone via the headphone jack and works with a free app (available on the Apple iTunes store or Google Play store). The Thermometer meets ASTM standards for professional accuracy and takes fast, 10-second readings. Your health information can be stored and shared with your doctor, and the… Continue reading Kinsa Smartphone Thermometer

Man Survives Two Months Trapped in Car

A 45-year-old Swedish man was found alive in a car after sitting in it for the past two months, with only ice and snow to keep him alive. The man had driven off the road and gotten stuck in snow drifts. Police say the temperature in the area had recently dropped to -30C (-22F). The… Continue reading Man Survives Two Months Trapped in Car

Using Ipad As A Remote Control

The new iPad application can be used to control and manage your lighting, temperature, music, security, television, home theater, and satellite receiver, enabling you to scroll through the program guide and choose to either watch shows you find or record them for later viewing. Watch the video and you’ll know more about the system. The company called Control4 they have an… Continue reading Using Ipad As A Remote Control