Great Price for the Lytro Illum Camera

Lytro Illum camera is the first high-end camera to capture the entire light field. I came across a great deal on Geeky Gadgets Deals store today for the Lytro Illum camera, it is available for $369.99. The original price was $1,299.99, thats about 71% discount. I never thought the price will drop this low. Watch the video below to learn more about… Continue reading Great Price for the Lytro Illum Camera

How To Make Fake Miniature Tilt-Shift Photos

Norwegian design studio Skrekkøgl place a massive sculpted 50 Cent coin alongside a full-sized objects to make them appear like tiny scale models. They shot the objects from above with a tilt-shift lens.

Miniature-Like Kuwait National Assembly

A picture of the Kuwait National Assembly building that creates the illusion of looking down at a miniature-scale model. The photo was taken with my Samsung Galaxy S5.

7685 Frames of Netherlands

The tilt-shift photography its more fun to watch because it makes a normal real-life scene look like it’s actually built out of miniatures. Like in this beautiful tilt-shift time-lapse of the old cities of the Netherlands, created by filmmaker Pengcheng He. The video “7685 Frames of Netherlands” is shot in Delft, Rotterdam and Amsterdam

Lytro Illum: Lets You Refocus Photos After You Take Them

LYTRO ILLUM is the first high-end DSLR-Like camera that uses the power of light field – capturing the direction, color and brightness of the rays of light within the frame, allowing users to refocus their photos after taking them. The Illum has a zoom range of 30 – 250mm and a wide f/2 aperture. The camera will go on… Continue reading Lytro Illum: Lets You Refocus Photos After You Take Them

New York Noir: Amazing Hyper-Lapse Video of New York City

Filmmaker Geoff Tompkinson took a trip through New York City most popular places, capturing the city with his special hyper-lapse technique and presenting the Big Apple in a whole new perspective. In the video, New York Noir, Tompkinson combined time-lapse and hyper-lapse techniques with a monochrome and selective colour treatment.