Top Gear and STARZ Play at Yas Marina Circuit Abu Dhabi

Two of Top Gear’s Magnificent Seven are in Abu Dhabi this week. Presenter Chris Harris and The Stig are pictured at Yas Marina race track to mark the launch of the world’s most popular motoring entertainment programme on STARZ A welcoming committee including motoring enthusiasts, media and some of Dubai’s hottest socialites had the… Continue reading Top Gear and STARZ Play at Yas Marina Circuit Abu Dhabi

Clarkson, May and Hammond Struggling to Name their New Show

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are is still looking for a name to their new upcoming car show, which is set to launch on Amazon Prime this fall. A new teaser has been released shows the former Top Gear trio struggling to name their new show, check out the video below.

Top Gear Invisible Van

Remember the Samsung Safety Truck when they use a built-in cameras and huge rear-mounted displays screens? Well it’s the same principle in effect here. Richard Hammond from Top Gear installs a huge display screens with cameras on a Ford Transit to give it the power of invisibility. The screens gave a live feed of the town surroundings, making… Continue reading Top Gear Invisible Van

A Giant Statue Of Top Gears The Stig Going To Poland

A giant statue of Top Gear’s mystery test driver “The Stig” is set to travel to Poland as part of promotion for new global BBC channel. The nine-meter high statue will be visiting Amsterdam before touring Berlin and eventually arriving in Poznan to celebrate the launch of the new brit channel starting in Poland, Feb.… Continue reading A Giant Statue Of Top Gears The Stig Going To Poland

Richard Hammond Test The Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6

Richard Hammond test-driving the massive six-wheeled Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG (6×6) in Abu Dhabi. He takes 9000 pound car up and down some very steep sand dunes at ‘The Empty Quarter’ – the largest desert space in the world – to see what it can do. Watch Hammond on Top Gear, series 21 episode 4, in the video below.

Top Gear Ultimate Movie Car Chase

Richard Hammond recreates a classic action movie chase. In a BMW 1M and a Porsche Carrera R, he must evade a small army of bad guys for 3 minutes. The car with the least number of paint ball hits will be deemed the best handling. Watch the video chase below.

Top Gear Track on Google Street View

Watch behind the scenes video as The Stig accompanies Google’s Street View car around the BBC Top Gear test track in a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black. Navigate the Top Gear track on Google Maps and take a tour of the famous test track.