Gamevice Controller for iPad Mini

Gamevice is a controller that transforms your iOS device into a handheld gaming device that delivers an entirely new gaming experience. The Gamevice Live app will connect you to over 650 compatible games available on iTunes, including favorite console titles such as Bio Shock, Grand Theft Auto, HALO, FIFA 15 and Call of Duty. The Gamevice is available at… Continue reading Gamevice Controller for iPad Mini

257 CES Gadgets in 3 Minutes

The Verge posted a 3 minute video on YouTube that features the latest gadgets at CES 2015. The voice-over done by Dieter Bohn, who read segments from Walter Benjamin’s 1936 essay “The work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction,”.

Samsung New 360-degree Ring Speakers

Samsung Electronics has unveiled two new speakers WAM6500 (above) and WAM7500 (below), along with new audio products to be launched at 2015 International Consumer (CES). They use breakthrough Ring Radiator technology, which the company claims allows sound to flow in a 360-degree radius. The ring speakers will be released in two models, the stand-type WAM7500… Continue reading Samsung New 360-degree Ring Speakers

New BlackBerry Passport

BlackBerry has released its new Passport keyboard phone on Wednesday, after a long struggle to regain some of its former corporate users. The new smartphone’s design, the size of a passport, has a 4.5-inch​ screen that show 60 characters across. That means spreadsheets, medical charts and other business friendly information will be readable. Inside is… Continue reading New BlackBerry Passport

Amazon Unveils 3-D Fire Smartphone

Amazon unveiled its first 3-D Fire smartphone that can identify over 70 million physical products with the push of a button. The Fire phone has a 3-D, 4.7-inch high-definition display. It uses infrared lights and cameras mounted on the phone’s surface to track a user’s head movements and render images accordingly. Amazon added a unique feature… Continue reading Amazon Unveils 3-D Fire Smartphone

Logitech PowerShell Controller for iPhone 5

The new Logitech PowerShell Controller + Battery opens a new world of mobile gaming. Add the precision of analog controls to your iPhone 5 or iPod Touch (5th gen) and free up the touchscreen for a full view of the action. The Logitech PowerShell Controller comes with a 1500 mAh battery to double the available power… Continue reading Logitech PowerShell Controller for iPhone 5

Google Chromebook Pixel Touchscreen Laptop

The Chromebook Pixel is a laptop that brings together the best in hardware, software, and design to inspire future innovation. This Chromebook has the highest pixel density (239 pixels per inch) of any laptop screen on the market today. Packed with 4.3 million pixels work together to deliver crisp text, vivid colors, and extra wide… Continue reading Google Chromebook Pixel Touchscreen Laptop

Rise: Alarm Clock App

Rise is a very simple iOS alarm clock app with an ultra-simplified interface that takes full advantage of the touch and gesture controls of Apple devices. The app is very easy to set, you can drag to set your alarm time and then choose to wake up to one of the custom Rise melodies, you can also choice… Continue reading Rise: Alarm Clock App