Beautiful Time-Lapse Video of the Republic of Georgia

GEORGIA | hyper – travel is a time-lapse video that gives you a tour through the beautiful landscapes of the Republic of Georgia. The video is created by Polish studio Timelapse Media. via: Laughing Squid

Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley is on Google Street View

You can now explore the set of the famous street from the Harry Potter movie, the Diagon Alley on Google Street View. The set is the first part of the Warner Bros studios tour in Leavesden, UK to be made available online. According to the Daily Mail, the studio set of Diagon Alley took more than… Continue reading Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley is on Google Street View

Guided Tour of the International Space Station

NASA astronaut Sunita Williams takes viewers on an extensive tour of the International Space Station, during the final days of her mission as Commander of the station. Williams shows us the laboratories, the space suits for space walks, the kitchen, and the sleeping quarters. Watch the amazing tour video below. via: Free Technology for Teachers