Inside LEGO Factory in Denmark

LEGO brick builder Sariel was given an exclusive access to the the heart of the LEGO factory in Billund, Denmark that very few people have had the opportunity to witness. The factoryĀ produces more than two million pieces per hour. Everything is recycled in the factory, and whatever is discarded in the manufacturing process gets recycled… Continue reading Inside LEGO Factory in Denmark

Hover Camera: Foldable Self-Flying Camera Drone

The Hover Camera by Zero Zero Robotics, is a compact, foldable drone that comes with a high-definition camera.Ā The drone opens into a square shape when itā€™s ready to launchĀ andĀ folds in half when itā€™s not in use.Ā Simply toss it into the air and let it self-stabilize, and it will trail behind you. The main camera at… Continue reading Hover Camera: Foldable Self-Flying Camera Drone

Giant Rubikā€™s Cube

Tony Fisher is a British puzzle designer, created a giant functionalĀ Rubikā€™s Cube that measures 1.56m on each edge. Fisher is still working on the cube and hopes to make more videos including comparisons and eventually show the construction. Watch the video below.

Statue of Lenin Gets Darth Vader Makeover in Ukraine

Sculptor Alexander Milov transformed a statue of communist leader Vladimir Lenin into a monument of Darth Vader in Ukraine. The country recently passed a bill banning communist names and symbols. The statue also serves as a Wi-Fi hotspot. Seriously, somebody actually ran for office in UkraineĀ under the name Darth Vader.

The Uncrashable Mercedes-Benz Toy Cars

Kids love to crash toy cars. But what happens if they canā€™t? In order to promote the Brake Assist System PLUS, Mercedes-Benz installed super strong magnets inside toy cars, and delivered them to people with the highest safety demands: families. Watch how theĀ kids desperately trying to crash the two sets of toysĀ inĀ the video below.

How to Put a Rubik’s Cube in a Bottle

Burkard Polster from Mathologer YouTube Channel shows how to place a Rubik’s Cube inside of a glass bottle. In the video below, Polster assemble theĀ entire puzzle game and puts it piece by piece inside the bottle.

Lily: Self-Flying Camera Drone

Lily is a self-flying camera drone that uses GPS and a tracking device to follow and record your every move. Simply toss it into the air and let it self-stabilize, and it will trail behind you. ItĀ features a 1080p HD camera that also shoot 120fps slow-motion video. The device also has a microphone for picking… Continue reading Lily: Self-Flying Camera Drone