Razor Crazy Cart XL

Crazy Cart XL is a serious drifting go-cart with a higher powered electric motor by Razor. The XL features a 500 Watt motor with rare earth magnets and a powerful 36 Volt, quick change battery system. It comes with a solid steel frame that makes it strong enough to carry drivers over 136kg (300lbs) and… Continue reading Razor Crazy Cart XL

Atari Arcade Duo-Powered Joystick for iPad

Atari is partnering with Discovery Bay Games to create their own iPad arcade adapter, its called the Arcade Duo-Powered Joystick. It does a nice job of letting you play Atari Greatest Hits app with real arcade controls. The device is the second arcade adapter for the iPad after theiCade that was created by ThinkGeek. The Atari Arcade Duo-Powered Joystick appears to be very similar (functionality wise) to the… Continue reading Atari Arcade Duo-Powered Joystick for iPad