The Dancing Traffic Light

Smart, the car company, has built an animated dancing traffic light to keep pedestrians entertained while waiting at an intersection in Lisbon, Portugal. The experiment was a part of an ad campaign for a new Smart car. The company placed a dance booth which projects real movements from people nearby, the dancing traffic light entertains people… Continue reading The Dancing Traffic Light

Anti-Public Urination Street Sign In Czech Republic

An interesting Anti-public urination street sign in Mikulov, Czech Republic that aims to prevent those who feel no shame relieving themselves on the streets. The sign explains that violators will be recorded and publicly shamed on YouTube. via: Laughing Squid,

New Speed Cameras on Road Signs in Kuwait

A new speed camera installed on top a road sign at one of the highways in Kuwait. In the short video clip below, which was shot by a driver from the other side of the road, it features the hyper camera flashing the speeding vehicles about 13 times in less than 30 seconds. I wonder how much money the Department of… Continue reading New Speed Cameras on Road Signs in Kuwait

Lost Vulture Spotted in Kuwait

A rare large Vulture have been spotted sitting on a traffic sign in Al-Zahra Area. Some say the huge bird fled from one of the houses in the area. The vulture, which is not native to a country like Kuwait, is usually seen picking on the carcass of dead or dying animals in a wild western movie or an African safari. Watch the video below.… Continue reading Lost Vulture Spotted in Kuwait