Hum Rider Rises Above Traffic

Stuck in a traffic jam? With the push of a button, Hum Rider elevates and widen its wheels to drive over cars in front of you during traffic jams. Don’t get excited, it’s just a promotional campaign for Verizon’s Hum cloud-connected automotive tech. Watch the video below.

Snorelax: Alarm App That Helps You Arrive On Time

Snorelax is a alarm app that wakes you up earlier when there are traffic delays. The app is designed to analyzes traffic on your route and adjusts the wake up time so that you’ll arrive on time. It also wakes you up with the latest traffic updates and how long you have before you have… Continue reading Snorelax: Alarm App That Helps You Arrive On Time

WainDarby is one of the first Kuwaiti social network website (live traffic update), aiming to keep track of the status of all major roads in Kuwait. The website based traffic information service relies on the active cooperation of its members in providing information regarding the traffic conditions they are facing. WainDarby will soon be available on the App Store. WainDarby on… Continue reading