World’s Largest Underground Trampoline

Bounce Below is a giant trampoline playground built inside a slate quarry cavern in the Welsh mining town of Blaenau Ffestiniog, developed by Zip World. As part of their latest attraction, staff have transformed a slate cavern by installing three giant trampolines in caverns, ranging from 20 feet to 180 feet high. Bounce Below will open in… Continue reading World’s Largest Underground Trampoline

The Trampoline Wall

Take a look at this awesome new extreme sport called the trampoline wall, performed by Christophe Hamel, from circus company Flip FabriQue. The trampoline wall is basically the combination of a trampoline and a constructed wall, where you jump off trampoline and onto walls. Watch the video below.

A 51 Meters Long Trampoline in Russia

An architectural design firm Salto has developed the “Fast track” trampoline, installed in a Russian forest. The 51 Meter long (170 foot) trampoline is a part of the Archstoyanie festival in Nikola-Lenivets, Russia. ‘Fast Track’ is designed for parks, not only to be a feature, but an integral part of the area’s foundation. The constant bouncing involved with a trampoline surface surely makes… Continue reading A 51 Meters Long Trampoline in Russia