EcoMill Treadmill

EcoMill Treadmill, made by Woodway, is an eco-friendly workout machine that requires no electricity. The device works through the use of an on board generator that converts human movement into energy. In addition to being greener than their electric relatives, self-powered treadmills can charge a phone or other gadget via USB while you sweat. EcoMill Treadmill does’t come… Continue reading EcoMill Treadmill

Time-Lapse Shows Puppy Growing Into A Big Dog Over Time

Filmmaker Dave Meinert rescued a sick four-week old Great Dane puppy named Pegasus from an careless breeder. Meinert wanted document her life every day for as long as she lived. So he decided to create a short time-lapse video showing Pegasus growing from a puppy into adulthood while doing her daily exercises on a treadmill.

The Treadwall M4 Pro

The Treadwall M4 Pro is an innovative machine that offers a 4 foot-wide climbing area and acts just like a treadmill, only for climbing instead of running. It’s designed to be more compact, more affordable, and with a small footprint it fits anywhere. The wall’s angle can be adjusted to fit your needs and it a perfect exercise machine… Continue reading The Treadwall M4 Pro