Mirror Ball Trick

Captain Disillusion explains the visual effects behind the puzzling “Magically throwing a ball through a mirror” video by animator Kevin Parry. Watch the video below.

The Best Magic Tricks by Zach King in 2015

Los Angeles-based filmmaker Zach King posted a video of this years best digital magic tricks that he shared on Vine.

World Record Basketball Shot

Team How Ridiculous has set an unbelievable world record for the longest ever basketball shot from the top of the Gordon Dam in Tasmania, Australia. Watch the world record distance for a successful 126.5-meter (415 feet) basketball shot in video below.

Zack King’s Best Magic Tricks from 2014

Zach King posted his personal favorite vines from 2014 on his YouTube channel. The Los Angeles-based filmmaker show off his sharp editing skills. In one he is seen pulling a live kitten from still images on a monitor, another shows him flicking the icons from his iPhone onto a table, while in a third he puts a… Continue reading Zack King’s Best Magic Tricks from 2014

Captain Disillusion Reveals Ping Pong Knife Trick Video

Magician Captain Disillusion reveals the secret behind the Swedish Ping Pong knife trick video, that got over 2.6 million views! Watch Captain Disillusion explains and deconstructs the entire knife trick in the video below. 

Stunning Optical Illusion Pictures

Optical illusion pictures are fun to look at and interesting to learn about as well. I have always been interested in pictures that have been taken at exactly the right moment and the creativity that photographers use to capture them. A few of these pictures you see here will play tricks on your eyes, some are tricky pictures that… Continue reading Stunning Optical Illusion Pictures