LightMode S Kit Helmet

LightMode S Kits is a battery-powered lights that will give your helmet a new look by transforming it into a illuminate helmet, which also comes as a safety feature. It includes a smaller detachable controller, a water resistant system with a built-in USB-rechargeable battery. The LightMode S Kit is currently on Kickstarter where it raised $31,397 of its… Continue reading LightMode S Kit Helmet

Amazing TRON Roller Coaster at Shanghai Disneyland

TRON Lightcycle Power Run is a roller-coaster ride at Shanghai Disneyland, based on the 2010 movie, Tron: Legacy. The new futuristic design of the ride makes it feel like riders are trapped inside the movie, complete with neon blue lights tunnel and Tron: Legacy theme music. Watch this video below of what it’s like to ride… Continue reading Amazing TRON Roller Coaster at Shanghai Disneyland

Real Life Tron Light Cycle Motorbike

The Parker Brothers Choppers transformed science fiction into reality and made an exact replica Lightcycle motorbike of the motion picture Tron. The powered electric bike is an impressive 8ft long, measuring 23 inches wide and weighing 215kg. The 96 volts electric engine is powered by lithium-ion batteries, it takes 35 minutes to charge and it… Continue reading Real Life Tron Light Cycle Motorbike