How Matches are Made?

One of theĀ first matches were used in 5th century in China, called theĀ sulfur match, they wereĀ small sticks of pinewood impregnated with sulfur. After that came the Safety match,Ā that was inventedĀ by the Swedish chemist Gustaf Erik Pasch in first half of 1800’s and popularized by the industrialist John Edvard Lundstrƶm in second part of 19th century.… Continue reading How Matches are Made?

FoldiMate Family: Laundry Folding Machine

The FoldiMate Family is a robotic laundry machine that folds and steams clothes in about 30 seconds. Users simply clip their laundry on the machineā€™s conveyor belt, which feeds into the folding chamber where a variety of garment types can be folded by robotic arms. Standing 32 inches tall and 28 inches wide, this machine… Continue reading FoldiMate Family: Laundry Folding Machine

How to Turn a Tin Can Into a Grater

MrGear uploaded a video on YouTube to share with usĀ a useful trick on how to turn a tin can into a grater. Of course, this idea will come to use if you are stranded or you are too lazy to get one.

How to Remove Rust from a Knife Blade

Even stainless steel cooking knives can start to show a few spots of rust here and there. In the video below,Ā aĀ skilled Japanese manĀ gives us a demonstration of howĀ to remove rust from your knifeā€™s blade.