LG Ultra Reality Meteor Prank

Remember the LG elevator prank with the collapsing floor? Well, now LG’s team has scared the hell out of people once again. They staged mock job interview sessions complete with hidden cameras. The LG team installed one of the Ultra Reality sets to create an illusion of a window frame, and dressed the area around to look like an office. Watch what happens to the… Continue reading LG Ultra Reality Meteor Prank

TNT is Back with Another Red Button Surprise

Another new TV commercial from TNT Drama Channel. This time it’s in a shopping street in the Netherlands, were they installed the famous “Add Drama” red button, turning the quiet Dutch square into an exciting day for the locals. Watch the video below.

Samsung Galaxy Note II Smart Dock

The new Smart Dock for the Samsung Galaxy Note II that can turn your smartphone into a mini desktop. The Smart Dock accessory has three USB ports and a full-sized HDMI output, that can give you up to 1080p Full HD onto a TV or monitor. There’s also a 3.5mm stereo audio output, for hooking up a set of speakers,… Continue reading Samsung Galaxy Note II Smart Dock

Prince Charles Reads the BBC Weather Forecast

Prince Charles has given weather forecasting a try during a BBC Scotland television studio tour. A script had clearly been specially written for the Royal visit, as Prince Charles made reference to Royal properties in the northern part of the United Kingdom. After reading of “the potential for a few flurries over Balmoral”, the Prince asked:… Continue reading Prince Charles Reads the BBC Weather Forecast

TNT Ad: The Second Most-Shared of All Time

A new TV commercial for TNT Channel – Belgium promoting the Drama of its programming by placing a big red push button on an average Flemish square of an average Flemish town. A sign with the text “Push to add drama” invited people to use the button. Watch the video below. TNT’s ad has become the second most-shared of all time, according to… Continue reading TNT Ad: The Second Most-Shared of All Time

The Wireless Electricity

Say goodbye to all the wires and cables forever! WiTricity a Massachusetts-based technology company has developed a wireless electricity system for charging and powering electrical devices that are up to several meters away—anything from smartphones to electric cars. Imagine a future in which wireless electricity makes everyday products more convenient, reliable, and environmentally friendly. Cell phones,… Continue reading The Wireless Electricity