Super Bright 1,000W LED Flashlight

Daniel Riley from Stratus Productions has built an homemade super bright LED flashlight bar that uses ten 100W LED chips to produce an estimated 90,000 Lumens of light. The flashlight is powered by two 8 amp-hour lithium-polymer batteries (about 9 iPhones 6S batteries put together), and can run for about 10 minutes. Check out how does the 1,000W LED looks… Continue reading Super Bright 1,000W LED Flashlight

CSIS Global Data Chandelier

The Global Data Chandelier is a custom light fixture commissioned by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) for their new headquarters in Washington, DC. The chandelier’s 425 illuminated pendants form a low resolution world map when viewed from below. Global data like energy consumption, renewable water resources, and GDP can be displayed on the map… Continue reading CSIS Global Data Chandelier