Train Runs Through Narrow Streets in Vietnam

The railroad track in Hanoi, Vietnam, cuts through tight streets in the city’s old town district, heading to Long Bien Bridge. The train passes by pedestrians and children playing in the street. Residents and vendors have to quickly pack their stalls and make way when the train is approaching. Watch the video below.

Giant Cloud of Sahara Sand and Toxic Air Covers Britain

A deposit of dust and sand came all the way from the deserts of North Africa to land in England. Since sunday, people were warned not to exercise outdoors and schools kept students inside as a mix of dust from the Sahara Desert, toxic particles from the continent and fumes from cars and factories filled the… Continue reading Giant Cloud of Sahara Sand and Toxic Air Covers Britain

Sand Storm Covers The UK

An unusual weather phenomena happens in the UK this week, a thin layer of red dust covering cars in southern England was blown in from the Sahara Desert. A storm swept up sand and dust from the western Sahara into the atmosphere, and it then spread into the Atlantic before arriving in the UK, around 2000 miles away… Continue reading Sand Storm Covers The UK