New Custom Blurring Tool for Videos on YouTube

YouTube launched a Custom Blurring tool that lets creators blur moving objects on their videos. You can simply blur faces or sensitive information without having to re-shoot an entire scene. The new tool will let you blur objects throughout your video, right within YouTube. Draw a box around whatever it is you want to blur. The… Continue reading New Custom Blurring Tool for Videos on YouTube

Movi: Livestream Multi-Camera Video Production

Movi is the new pocket-sized live event 4K video camera that lets you edit while you film. Now you can share live events in real time with unprecedented production value. The multi-camera production studio pairs with an app that lets users crop, zoom, and pan within the camera’s view while broadcasting through Livestream. The Movi… Continue reading Movi: Livestream Multi-Camera Video Production

The Manhattan Project by Cameron Michael

A timelapse video titled “The Manhattan Project” created by photographer Cameron Michael. The video shows New York City over about a five and a half month period of time, during which time Michael lugged 120 lbs of gear around capturing the perfect shots. Watch the video below. Via: gothamist

Edit Your Videos Directly on YouTube

You can now edit uploaded videos with YouTube. Just upload them as usual and press the “Edit Video” button to begin editing. After editing the videos, they’ll be saved back to their current locations and video IDs so you don’t lose any traffic they’ve already generated.