Cleaning And Painting Jabriya-Rumaithiya Tunnel

The Jabriya-Rumaithiya tunnel, a neglected 80 meter long pedestrian walkway under Fahaheel expressway that is utilized by more than 500 people daily. You can volunteer in helping to clean and paint the Jabriya-Rumaithiya tunnel. The cost of this project will be volunteer-funded, and the material cost for this work is 790 KD. You can donate a maximum of 10KD per person to help cover… Continue reading Cleaning And Painting Jabriya-Rumaithiya Tunnel

Freeze Flash Mob at 360 Mall

Talents Detection collaborated with a couple of volunteers in making a Freeze Flash Mob video “Stop, Think, Decide”, which took place at 360 Mall, Kuwait. The idea of the video is to help in identifying the critical issues facing this country nowadays. Watch the video below.