Filmmakers Admit To Faking The Syrian Hero Boy Video

Norwegian filmmakers have today revealed that a video that appeared to show a heroic Syrian boy risking his life to save a little girl was in fact shot on location in Malta using professional actors. Lars Klevberg, a director based in Oslo, said that he wrote the script after watching news coverage of the ongoing conflict in… Continue reading Filmmakers Admit To Faking The Syrian Hero Boy Video

Syrian T-72 Tank With GoPro in Darayya

A chilling POV video captured with GoPro camera mounted on a Syrian T-72 tank. The video shows the tanks making its way through the destruction of Darayya. It also shows the tank firing wildly into an urban neighborhood. via: The Awesomer

Apache Crash in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, a video of an AH-64 Apache helicopter pilot trying to show off to troops on ground and ends up crashing the $20 million chopper. No one was injured in the crash, as the two helicopter crew members walked away with only minor bruises, but now they might be facing a potential criminal charges. Via: The Life Files, Wired