Anti-Smog Giant Water Cannon

Chinese cities are buying these $93,000 anti-smog machines that looks like a cannon to fight pollution. Chinese government officials are looking for different ways to deal with the growing smog, and one of the solutions is the giant water cannons. According to Quartz reports that the giant water cannons helps to take out the smallest smog particles, which are among… Continue reading Anti-Smog Giant Water Cannon

Water Jet Cutting Machine

An amazing video demonstration of a water jet cutting machine in action, cutting through metal like a hot knife through butter. The 5-axis Kimla Streamcut is capable of cutting a wide variety of materials using a very high-pressure jet of water, from foams to ceramics and stone. Watch the video below.

Half Boat Half Van

A video posted on YouTube captures a unique RV-boat hybrid vehicle known as a “BoaterHome” launching at a boat ramp. The vehicle consists of a 1986 Ford E-Series van, while the rear is a 28-foot power boat that contains living quarters for both land and water use.

ONEAN: Electric Powered Surfboard

Spanish company Onean created a surfboards that come with a electric motor that allows surfers to glide over smooth water without the need for any waves. The Spanish company launched two models with the help of Basque Country engineering company Bizintek Innova. The boards offer a silent and environmentally friendly way to ride rivers and ocean fronts. The boards are… Continue reading ONEAN: Electric Powered Surfboard

Gibbs Humdinga: High Speed Amphibian Vehicle

The Humdinga by Gibbs Amphitrucks is a rugged high speed 23-foot amphibian vehicle with a 350 horsepower diesel engine (gasoline engine option) and twin jet drives. This amphibious truck boat (which Gibbs’ calls an Amphitruck) is constantly in four wheel drive. It is capable of going up to 130 km/h (80 mph) on land and more than 48 km/h (30 mph)… Continue reading Gibbs Humdinga: High Speed Amphibian Vehicle

Hexhog: All-terrain Wheelchair

Hexhog is an electric off-road wheelchair that offers unprecedented access to extreme terrain. The vehicle has been designed to bring together the functional attributes of a powered wheelchair and ATV in one aesthetic package. The six-wheeled, battery-powered vehicle can run for 13 to 19 km ( 8 to 12 miles), depending on terrain, and a full charge should take… Continue reading Hexhog: All-terrain Wheelchair

2014 Red Bull Bar Bahr in Kuwait

Mohamed Al Khalji and Mohamed Burbaya took first place in the first ever Red Bull Bar Bahr. The duo controlled the final race on land and sea from the start and left the other teams battling for minor medals. Second place went to Fahd Al Ghanim and Fahd Najb while Hamad Khaled and Abdulamir Haydar… Continue reading 2014 Red Bull Bar Bahr in Kuwait

Red Bull Bar Bahr: A Unique Quad Bike And Jet Ski Relay Race

The temperature on December 5th is expected to soar in Kuwait as Quad bikers and Jet Skiers will race head-to-head in the first ever Red Bull Bar Bahr event which will take place at the Khiran Pearl. It is a unique motorsport relay race comprising of teams of two (one Jet Ski rider & one… Continue reading Red Bull Bar Bahr: A Unique Quad Bike And Jet Ski Relay Race