Longest Distance Travelled on a Slip and Slide

Texas residents slip and slide past the competition to claim a new Guinness World Records title. The longest distance traveled on a slip and slide in one hour is 774,515.09 m (2,541,060 ft) achieved by Trinity River Vision Authority (USA) on Panther Island, Fort Worth, TX, USA on 6 June 2015. Watch the video below.

Black Hole: Amazing Colorful LED Water Slide in Germany

The Black Hole is an amazing colorful LED water slide in Bremerhaven, Germany’s Bad 1 Water Park. The water slide starts off in total darkness before red, green and blue running light rings start flashing before your very eyes. Watch the video below.

Woman Walking On Water

Slovakian synchronised swimmer Lenka Tanner performs the trick upside-down by diving beneath the water and then pacing across the surface from below. She said “For me, running on water is not that hard, because I’ve been practicing it for over 20 years. The big deal for me now is to give the sport a boost.” The… Continue reading Woman Walking On Water

Rope Jumping Over Navagio Beach

An incredible video features a team of bungee jumpers Dream Walker showing off their insane sport skills by jumping off a 201 meter (660ft) cliff overlooking Navagio Beach in Greece.

People Are Awesome 2014

The latest annual compilation of “People Are Awesome 2014” clips have been released on YouTube, with the latest incredible daredevil stunts and extreme sports from around the world, all caught on tape.

2014 Red Bull Bar Bahr in Kuwait

Mohamed Al Khalji and Mohamed Burbaya took first place in the first ever Red Bull Bar Bahr. The duo controlled the final race on land and sea from the start and left the other teams battling for minor medals. Second place went to Fahd Al Ghanim and Fahd Najb while Hamad Khaled and Abdulamir Haydar… Continue reading 2014 Red Bull Bar Bahr in Kuwait

Red Bull Bar Bahr: A Unique Quad Bike And Jet Ski Relay Race

The temperature on December 5th is expected to soar in Kuwait as Quad bikers and Jet Skiers will race head-to-head in the first ever Red Bull Bar Bahr event which will take place at the Khiran Pearl. It is a unique motorsport relay race comprising of teams of two (one Jet Ski rider & one… Continue reading Red Bull Bar Bahr: A Unique Quad Bike And Jet Ski Relay Race

Quadrofoil Hydrofoil Electric Watercraft

Quadrofoil is an electric hydrofoiling personal watercraft (PWC), which provides the most economically efficient and completely environmentally friendly mode of recreational marine transportation. Due to hydrofoiling and patented steering technology, riding feels like flying on water and provides an entirely new and thrilling water experience. The watercraft operates quietly and doesn’t produce any waves or emissions,… Continue reading Quadrofoil Hydrofoil Electric Watercraft