Picture of the Day: Atomic Bomb Supercell Storm Clouds

Photographer Darin Kuntz snapped an incredible photo of a huge supercell storm clouds near Lubbock, Texas that looks like an atomic bomb explosion. The image was taken on April 11th.

Weather Simulator at Stockholm Airport

Stockholm Arlanda Airport has created a way for travelers to experience their destination before they board the airplane. So they know what to expect at the other side of the world. The Climate Portal is an interactive booth that simulates the weather from all over the world in real time. Its connected to an online weather services where data is transformed into a physical… Continue reading Weather Simulator at Stockholm Airport

Weatherman’s Amazing Halloween Costume

Jude Redfield, a weatherman for WDRB in Louisville, KY, reported the weather as a skeleton on Halloween day. He was wearing a skeleton design attached to a green outfit standing behind the green-screen technology (Chroma Key). It looked as if his head was floating above a skeleton’s body. Watch the funny weather report in the video below.

A Beautiful Time-Lapse Captures The Clouds Above Tokyo

YouTube user darwinfish105 created a beautiful time-lapse video of clouds forming over the City of Tokyo, japan. The time-lapse was shot over spring and summer from various areas around the city.

Time-Lapse Video of Arcus Cloud Over Kansas City

Filmmaker Stephen Locke captured a stunning time-lapse video of a dark arcus cloud forming over Kansas City. The cloud was the leading edge of the thunderstorm that rolled across the city that night.

Giant Cloud of Sahara Sand and Toxic Air Covers Britain

A deposit of dust and sand came all the way from the deserts of North Africa to land in England. Since sunday, people were warned not to exercise outdoors and schools kept students inside as a mix of dust from the Sahara Desert, toxic particles from the continent and fumes from cars and factories filled the… Continue reading Giant Cloud of Sahara Sand and Toxic Air Covers Britain