Dawrat: Training Centers Under One Roof

Dawrat is a website that combines all training centers all in one place, making it easier for the user to search and apply for the selected seminar or course required in any field. In addition, Dawrat serves as a directory to assists people in accessing/finding training material in the easiest way possible. Users can also pay directly on Dawrat website.… Continue reading Dawrat: Training Centers Under One Roof

The World’s First Website Ever Created

The first website was built by the World Wide Web’s creator Tim Berners-Lee at http://info.cern.ch/ and was launched online on August 6, 1991. The website at that time was providing information on how users could setup a web server and how to create their own, as well as how they could search the web for information.… Continue reading The World’s First Website Ever Created

Coca-Cola Virtual Museum

Remember The World of Coca-Cola? Well, I have something even better for you. In celebration of its 125th Anniversary Coca-Cola is sharing a collection through the lens of state-of-the-art 360-degree technology webpage that gives you access to the never-seen-before Coke Archives. Coke Collectors and fans like me will definitely love this. You’ll be able to see this… Continue reading Coca-Cola Virtual Museum