Microsoft Announces Windows 10 Operating System

Microsoft has announced the latest version of its Windows operating system, Windows 10, at an event in San Francisco on September 30th, 2014. The new operating system will bring back some of its old features that were left out of Windows 8 like the Start Menu and the ability to run an application without it being… Continue reading Microsoft Announces Windows 10 Operating System

Goodbye Windows XP (2001-2014)

Microsoft decided to pull the plug on Windows XP on Tuesday, April 8, 2014. The operating system will no longer receive the official support from the software company. Originally released in 2001, Windows XP received extended support long after the typical 10-year cycle that most Microsoft products receive. It is recommended that users should stop using the operating system… Continue reading Goodbye Windows XP (2001-2014)

Wireless Wooden Keyboard by Orée

A French design group called OrĂ©e has developed a new keyboard made entirely from a single piece of maple or walnut wood. Every keyboard is custom handmade to order and is crafted, polished, oil-finished and assembled in their workshop in southern France. You can customize Mac/Windows options, US/UK/Canadian keyboard layouts, options for keyboard fonts, and even a special message. The wooden Bluetooth… Continue reading Wireless Wooden Keyboard by OrĂ©e

Dell Inspiron Duo Coming Soon

The Dell Inspiron duo, a netbook-hybrid tablet is “coming soon,” according to a promotional video posted on YouTube. The video, however, did not disclose when Dell’s dual-core Atom notebook will be available. The 10-inch, Windows 7-based device includes a hidden keyboard, functioning as a netbook and a tablet. source: PC Magazine