Incredible Photos Of The World’s Bendiest Woman

Russian-born Zlata, 28, real name Julia Gunthel, has broken many world records for her flexibility and demonstrates her stretchy skills in her annual calendar. The bendy blonde forces her lithe body into the most extreme poses possible while wearing a skin-tight gold jumpsuit. The 5’8” former gymnast has been contorting since she was just four years… Continue reading Incredible Photos Of The World’s Bendiest Woman

Female Model With 47 Inche Legs

Brooke Banker has the longest legs in New York, measuring a whopping 47 inches. The 26-year-old model is making strides in the fashion world after scouts spotted her enormous pins. The New Yorker, who is 5ft 11, was formally a champion volleyball player and says long legs run in her family. Watch the video below.