Dramatic Car Accident Caught on Camera in Hawally

A car crash caught on dash camera shows a driver in a Hyundai Sonata coming from a curve at high speed, hitting a Kia Rio and sending it into the other side of the road. The traffic accident happened in Hawally at Cairo Street near the traffic light. Watch the video below.

Woman Drives Off the Second Floor Parking Garage in Mishref

A woman smashes her car through the concrete barrier of Mishref Co-op parking garage and plummeted down onto another car in a parking lot below. The accident happened this afternoon Wednesday, April 27. The woman suffered minor injuries, such as small wounds and bruises. She was immediately taken to the hospital to be treated.

Hilarious Girls Crash Car While Making a Selfie Video

A funny video shows two iranian girls crashed their car after trying to record themselves while singing and driving. The 14 second Instagram clip shows the two young women in the car happily singing to an Iranian song called ‘Ghorboni’ by Saeed Shayesteh when they suddenly crash, and the last thing you see is the airbag being released. They weren’t paying attention to the road. The brunette driver… Continue reading Hilarious Girls Crash Car While Making a Selfie Video