Skydiving Instructor Hit in the Face with a Shoe

A Student skydivers shoe flies off her foot and hits the instructor in the face seconds after he pulls the parachute. The pair were performing a tandem jump in Australia. Incredibly the woman manages to catch her shoe before it flies away. Watch the video below.

Driving Shoe by Wongyung Lee

South Korean designer Wongyung Lee designed a rubber jelly material for the career women to replace their usual high-heeled shoes, with a more flexible and comfortable foot wear for driving. Previously, I wrote about the Stylish Mojito Shoe by Julian Hakes, which has a similar design idea as these shoes.

Win a Trip to LA with Shoebox

I came home yesterday and found a box waiting for me to open 😉 I love these moments haha Shoebox New York is so excited about the arrival of the all-new UGGs summer collection that they are giving two lucky lucky winners a 7-day round-trip and accommodation to the sunny city of Los Angeles, California… Continue reading Win a Trip to LA with Shoebox

Stylish Mojito Shoe by Julian Hakes

A London-based architect Julian Hakes first released his early concept images of the Mojito Shoe design concept was on design blog Dezeen. Hakes amazing success story started when he received a message from the editor of Dezeen saying that his design has gone viral’ and that he should put his name into Google. Hakes story was was posted by Gizmodo and registered in excess of… Continue reading Stylish Mojito Shoe by Julian Hakes