Social Experiment: Drunk Girl In Public

A YouTube video created by social media entrepreneur Stephen Zhang, who follows a young woman who is pretending to be seriously intoxicated,Ā as she tries to find her way home from Hollywood Boulevard. Throughout the video, the young woman, who introduces herself as Jennifer, appears to be sipping from a beer can as she staggers from… Continue reading Social Experiment: Drunk Girl In Public

10 Hours of Walking in New York City As A Woman

Rob Bliss of Rob Bliss Creative created a video that highlights the impact of street harassment in New York. He was inspired by his girlfriend who gets street harassed all the time. Actress Shoshana B. Roberts volunteered to be the subject of his experiment. Rob walked in front of Shoshana with a camera in his… Continue reading 10 Hours of Walking in New York City As A Woman

No Woman, No Drive

Social activist and comedianĀ Hisham FageehĀ singing “No Woman No Drive”, an inspired song by Jamaican reggae singerĀ Bob Marley’s “No Woman No Cry”. Hisham Fageeh, Fahad AlbutairiĀ and Alaa Wardi got together to produce this songĀ to support Saudi women challenging driving ban.Ā The song got more that 1 millionĀ views in less than a day of being posted online. Saudi… Continue reading No Woman, No Drive