Most Pull-Ups in One Minute

Singaporean Yeo Kim Yeong sets a new Guinness World Record by achieving a total of 44 pull ups in under just 60 seconds at the Genesis Gym in Singapore on 6 June 2015. The Singaporean strongman broke the previous mark of 42 pull ups achieved by David Bourdon, after undertaking a year of extreme physical… Continue reading Most Pull-Ups in One Minute

Athos Smart Apparel

Athos is the world’s first smart apparel that measures muscle performance in real time. The built-in sensors reads your muscle effort, heart and breathing rates, sending it to the Core (brain of the system), and then to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The suit keeps track of your movement, breath, and heart beat. The moisture wicking fabric keeps you… Continue reading Athos Smart Apparel

Final Ceremony of Eat Healthy Q8

We were invited last week to attend the final ceremony of Eat Healthy Q8, 30 over weight kids joined the 30 day diet program with supervision, workout and a diet program, parents were also given awareness classes. Sitting there watching the kids talk about their experience gave me a great feeling, I can’t imagine the pride… Continue reading Final Ceremony of Eat Healthy Q8