Most Pull-Ups in One Minute

Singaporean Yeo Kim Yeong sets a new Guinness World Record by achieving a total of 44 pull ups in under just 60 seconds at the Genesis Gym in Singapore on 6 June 2015. The Singaporean strongman broke the previous mark of 42 pull ups achieved by David Bourdon, after undertaking a year of extreme physical… Continue reading Most Pull-Ups in One Minute

Electrical Muscle Stimulation Suit By XBody

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) by XBody is a revolutionary fitness regime involves wearing a black, padded suit. It involves wearing a suit that passes an electrical current through your muscles as you exercise, giving them a workout 150 times stronger than you could normally dream of. As all muscles work simultaneously, you’ll spend only just… Continue reading Electrical Muscle Stimulation Suit By XBody

Athos Smart Apparel

Athos is the world’s first smart apparel that measures muscle performance in real time. The built-in sensors reads your muscle effort, heart and breathing rates, sending it to the Core (brain of the system), and then to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The suit keeps track of your movement, breath, and heart beat. The moisture wicking fabric keeps you… Continue reading Athos Smart Apparel

Nike Launches Nike+ FuelBand SE

Nike has launched the new Nike+ Fuelband SE. The band is mostly the same, only with some color: it comes in yellow, pink, or red accenting and the original black body. This new second-generation product has a similar design to the original version, with a rubberized band that fits snugly around the wrist comes in different sizes. The… Continue reading Nike Launches Nike+ FuelBand SE

The Nike+ Fuel Band

The Nike+ FuelBand is a wristband that uses a built-in three-axis accelerometer to track the time, your daily steps, calories expended. Integrated LEDs in the wristband keep you informed of your current status and give you an easy red-to-green goal indicator. Inside the wristband is a battery good for four-days of activity. You can track… Continue reading The Nike+ Fuel Band