Don’t Steal My Post!

I don’t have to be old at blogging (which I’m not) to post about something like this, but either way this still has to come out because this is a serious concern to a lot of people out there.

Most bloggers have experienced this at one time or another, they post about an important topic only to discover that their own post got copied and spread all over the web. Maybe it’s not as dramatic as it sounds ,but when you (the blogger) write about a similar topic that others are writing about at the same time, and then you discover later someone used the same spin, photo or assessment that it could well be a carbon copy of your original post, how would you feel then?!

If you feels like sharing my posts with others by email, on their blogs, or in any other form for that matter, that seems like a good thing to me. Just please give me the credit for it by linking back to the original post. But if you share it as your own, then that will be considered plagiarism. Technology makes “copy + paste” simple enough that others are going to steal your ideas, but the smart ones out there would know the difference by comparing post dates, style of writing and using basic common sense and fair judgment.

I am not trying to make other bloggers look bad or doing this as a challenge to them, nor comment on their policies. I’m doing it simply to stay in line with my values. You can steal ideas from other blogs and express it in your own way. But what I hate the most is copying the exact post and pasting it completely to your blog.

Regardless to what I said, there are a lot of people out there with fascinating ideas which encouraged me to take part in this incredible ensemble of amateur writers which I would like to give a shout out to. Keep up the good work!

I would like to share this blog post with you “How To Intelligently Steal Ideas From Other Bloggers!“. I kind of like his ways of making wrong as right, but i don’t have to necessarily agree with him completely.

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11 thoughts on “Don’t Steal My Post!

  1. Yeah it's a shame on how some people go against their values or worst others values. I don't know how its OK for them to steal posts! You know some people work really hard on writing a post and presenting it. They take the time on taking pictures, which I'm thinking of having my pics. copyrighted, and then some jerks come along "barda imbarida" and snatch it form u! And never shows credit! Wallah ana ast7ii from such an action.

    Thanks for writing out this issue, ymkn hal shai yagri9hum ;p
    I like your blog, keep up the good work 😉

  2. Was it the exact same post?!

    Some people think its ok to copy a thing just coz its online.. Values and integrity are hard to find these days, shame.

    Wala yhemik ya Q8 latthayig 3umrik, just point us at whoever is bothering u and we'll gang up on 'em 😉

  3. Ambrosial: Yeah, you're absolutely right. copyrighting your stuff is the best thing to do. soon inshalla I will do it.. Thanks a lot for your kind words sis 🙂

    Vainglorious: Mashkooraaa.. kafooo walaa haathaa el3ashaaam. I'll get my car wenzaheb el3esy wesechaacheeen LOOOL and Thanks a lot for your support 🙂

  4. Lool la7tha la7tha I'm not gonna be on the front line of the battle! A5af a7ad yabrik 3alay o yafqa9ni! Ana ad3amhm bil sayara wan7ash! ;p
    o my 9a3ayda friends ily 7a6at'hm bil speed dial ohma esawoon il bajy!

    Your welcome buddy thats what friends are for 😉

  5. Nice post
    before i start what i am planning to say
    there is no such thing called NEW OR OLD blogger

    في البداية … كم موقع على الانترنت يعتبر موقع اخباري ؟ هناك الملايين من المواقع الاخبارية وكلها لديها نفس الخبر وكثير من الاحيان لا يتم نسب الخبر الى المصدر الاساسي الا اذا كان من مصدر مثل سي ان ان او رويترز وهكذا .. لاحظ أغلب المواقع والصحف اليومية علشان يتهربون من هالاشياء يكتبون … وكالات يعني تعال صيد المصدر ماتقدر

    الشاهد على هالكلام

    نقل المدونين من بعضهم البعض أمر طيب وجميل ومفيد فكل مدونة لها جمهورها وامر تناقل ومشاركة الاخبار شيء مفيد للطرفين للمدون والقارىء

    لا اعتقدان هناك شيء يسمى سرقة لان مايحدث هو التالي واليك هذا المثال البسيط

    انا يوميا تصلني عشرات الرسائل بالبريد منها مواضيع عديدة تم طرحها ومنها مالم يطرح حتى الان

    انا لي القرار بان اضع او انشر اي منها

    لو نشرت خبر قديم منشور من قبل شاشوا عليك الناس لان قديم والمدون الاخر يتهمك بالسرقة

    يا اخي كيف ؟؟ انا واصلني ايميل

    يقولك لا انا ناشره من قبل
    يا اخي انت ناشره خير وبركة بي هل مطلوب مني أنا اني اتابع مدونتك ؟؟؟

    يا اخي لنكن صريحين شوي

    انا انشر الاشياء الجديدة اللي انا لي دخل فيها

    بس ايميل واصل لمدون من مجموعة بريدية أكيد راح يوصل للكل عاجلا ام آجلا

    وعبالهم فلتة زمانة

    مختصر مفيد
    أدعوا المدونين بالاشتراك في قروبات الياهو وغيرها وتنزيل الاخبار منها وقولوا (حصريا) .. وعيشوا حياتكم

    خوش موضوع

    قواك الله ووايد تكلمت هههه السموحة

  6. Frankom. ana ely ya3jebny feek sara7tek ow beta7deed mithel hathee elmowathee3. bas ana kaan qasdee moo 3an khabaar (News) wela YouTube Clip. ow ana adry inek enta sabaaq ow ketaabt mowathee3 ow akhbaar wayed methaal khabaar 3an elhoshaa ely sarat bel Avenues Mall ow nesabt'ha le Hikuwait bas chenek shelta welyoom elthani 7a6eet Q8 Ping yoom ensharoo eljarayed ow hathee baadera 7elwa inek etqader bajee le Bloggers. bas ana qasdee kaan 3an ely yakheth khabaar moo mawjood eb ay Blog thani elaa 3endik kamethaal weyroo7 yanqelaaa nafs elshay Copy+Paste 6ebiq elasel. ashkerek 3alaa el comment elsaree7 wel el7elow hathaa. wa shokraan 🙂

  7. I know how you feel. This often happens with new stories, where you get it from a source and you find another blogger with the same exact thing. You wonder if that information was from your blog or another disclosed source. But when its an exclusive post, its really obvious if someone stole it.

    Fortunately in Kuwaiti blogs I haven't seen that happen a lot, nor did it happen to me (not that I know off).

    If I ever find an exclusive post directly copied on another blog. I wouldn't hesitate to contact him/her/them. Not to get it removed, but to add my creditability.

    After all, sharing is caring 😛

  8. I love sharing.. And you're right.. I don't like pointing fingers at people and say you did this and you did that.. But after this post I think they got he point 😉

    For example.. The guys at 4th ring road especially elbadeel "3ala rasi" If they like something they alway give me -others- the credit for it.. and most q80 Bloggers do.. I respect them for it 🙂

    I'm sorry I didn't see your comment post earlier.. I've missed it for some reason 🙂

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