Kuwait Towers on a Banknote

كازاخستان - Kazakhstan

Ironically, a picture of Kuwait towers printed on one of the banknotes of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The reason for having Kuwait towers on the (500 tinge) bill was a gesture of appreciation from Kazakhstan to the State of Kuwait, for supporting and helping the economic development of Kazakhstan. The government of Kuwait built a governmental structure (City Hall) which was also printed on the bill behind Kuwait towers. You can see Kuwait Towers in the image provided above.

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9 thoughts on “Kuwait Towers on a Banknote

  1. eee bas 3alaa elaqal naas qaderaat ow 7a6aw el abraaj.. fee dowal la taqdeer walaa shy! laa ow sha3bhaa 3ayish weyaach 3aa'laa 3aleech ow 3ala elkuwait ow ham maakoo fayda feehom!

  2. 3alaihum bl3afyaah ili "yqadroun" ya 7alat eli ibayn ib3ayna wallah ya Bu Nasser 🙂 eeh hathyl ystahloun 😉

    LOOL @Vainglorious ;p

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