The World’s Fastest Remote-Control Car

Remote-control cars never grow old despite your age, and its a hobby that appeals to both young and old alike. Nic Case and his very own Schumacher Mi3 set the world record for being the fastest remote-controlled car on the planet. The Schumacher Mi3 is not your normal everyday remote-controlled car, its top speed was a whopping 161.76MPH per hour (260.33 kilometres).

The Schumacher Mi3 took Case six months to build where he spent over $4,000 to pay for all the components. The record-holding R/C car was outiftted with a handcrafted carbon-fiber chassis while being powered by an 11-horsepower motor and a 12-cell battery pack.

Case wants to build an R/C car that could hit 200 MPH per hour (321.87 kilometres) and is in the middle of building and developing his latest project, called the “Streamliner” and that would help make all his dreams come true. Checkout Schumacher Mi3 in the video below.

Source: Technabob
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