Madness Marni At H&M

You gotta be kidding me!? When I first saw the picture above I thought it was a fabricated image, but it turns out it wasn’t fake. Then I said to myself “maybe they were giving some free stuff!”

The lines formed around H&M stores as early as 6:30 or 7AM yesterday at the Avenues. The first shoppers were allowed in at 8AM and were given limited time to shop at the store. The first items to go were the jewelry and the shoes and by 12:30 AM most of the women’s collection was gone in some of H&M branches. Those who were lucky enough to snag items are the ones who were first in line. There were even people fighting at one of the stores.

Guess what? In some parts of the world, people were waiting in lines from Wednesday evening! So I guess that makes Kuwait normal, do you think?! Check out some the pictures from around the world below.

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