Celebrity Stunt Doubles

Pictures of celebrities and their stunt doubles. Its interesting some male stunt doubles play the part of the actresses, probably because they’re able to take the abuse of the stunt better than the females.

Via: Huffington PostDaily Mail
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3 thoughts on “Celebrity Stunt Doubles

  1. first why a stunt man for the rock? hes a wrestler! he should bear some bruises here and there. second have u seen jack and jill? watch it and you will know why a man takes a place for a woman 😛 but jlo stunt? bit weird

    • Jackie Chan is one of the only actors who does his own stunts. As for Dwayne Johnson, sometimes actors can’t even perform a simple jump because of their age, back problems or even a surgery.

      I didn’t see Jack and Jill.. Was it good? I think the reason for having a Stunt man for Jack and Jill movie not just for the stunts itself but for the stunts mans body physic that matches Adams Sandler 🙂

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