The New Philips S10 Cordless Phone

The new Philips S10 Cordless Phone is kind of like a smartphone for the home. The stylish S10 phone come with MobileLink technology integrating your home phone with your smartphone, opening up a host of opportunities to make taking calls at home simple. This means when a call comes in on your smartphone, it will ring on both your smartphone and your home phone, giving you the choice to answer the call on either device.

The new S10 touchscreen cordless phone have been designed with a lustrous and modern look that sits elegantly in any contemporary home. The device includes a large capacitive touchscreen display that makes use of the vibrant screen by allowing you to see who is calling with caller photos. You can also Integrate your smartphone contacts to your home phone via Bluetooth, storing up to 500 contacts all at once.

Philips has included HQ-Sound which is a combination of high quality acoustic engineering and integrated digital sound processing technology. This reduces noise and echo to make you feel closer to the person you are talking to.

via: Gadgetose
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