Review: Monster N-ERGY Headphones

The Monster NCredible N-ERGY are a high quality and very slick looking in-ear headphones that I recently bought from Dubai Airport. The headphones are less expensive than the Beats headphones and sound just as good, if not better. They also provide pretty decent audio and noise cancelling.

The headphones fit comfortably into your ears with 3 different sizes of rubber earbuds to choose from that suits your needs. I wore them for about an hour and they fit very comfortable. They even come with a very cool feature, which enable you to magnetically snap the two headphones together and wear them around your neck.

The ControlTalk (Handsfree) button works with the iPhone and Android devices to let you play, pause music, and answer your calls, but unfortunately there is no volume control.

Overall, I’m surprised by the sound quality of the N-Ergy headphones compared to the asking price. I didn’t think they’d be that good. At around 17KD they’re reasonable and well worth the price.

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