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  1. i have work in singapore at parkway parade for 4 months in 7 eleven. i like to work at 7 eleven in kuwait. its very good enviroment.

  2. Dear Q8 All In One Blog,

    Sorry for sending you a message suddenly.

    I’m Yuri from a Japanese TV station called TBS.
    I work for a morning TV program called ‘Asachan.’

    I found your video on Youtube. And I really liked it!
    So,We would like to introduce your video about “Big Wind: The Ultimate Fire Extinguisher” ( during our program on Dec.12.2016.
    We would like you to send me a mail whether we can use your video or not.

    We would like to introduce it next Monday, so we hope your quick reply.


    Yuri Nakagawa
    Tokyo broadcasting system television,inc
    5-3-6, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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