FibraFoil Car Wrapping Service

FibraFoil is a company in Dubai that provides vehicle wrap/foiling services, polishing and everything in between.

The FibraFoil is a high quality German foil wrapping systems allows you to create that unique look for your car whilst protecting its original paintwork from environmental abrasion and UV bleaching, therefore retaining the cars resale value.

The best part other than protecting your car paint, is that you can remove the foil and your original bodywork will still look as new as the day you bought it.

Watch the video below how the guys at Fibrafoil in Dubai transform a white Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG into a unique chocolate brown color over the course of six days.

Via: Crank & Piston

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  1. Really car wrapping service of FibraFoil is too good. Their entire work is more efficient and more charming. I like this video too. All their members are more efficient and deliver high quality job. Thanks for sharing a nice article.

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