The Best Iron Man Costumes Ever

He started off with a helmet and end up make the whole suit. Mark Pearson from Bradford, West Yorkshire UK built an amazing life-size replica of the Iron Man outfit using fibre glass and 400 sheets of cardboard that were carved into silicone mold, it took him 14 months building the model suit.

As you can see from the above picture, mark is a 5ft 6in and won’t fit into the 6ft 2in suit, so he asked his friend Darren Higgins who took some time out from managing his local supermarket to wear the costume.

Another cool homemade suit -picture above- was made by Anthony Le from Inglewood, California. He built an Iron Man suit made out of eco-friendly recycled plastic. He created a couple of models, in my opinion this is one of his best suits. He integrated LED lights for the eyes and the nuclear reactor with a motorized face plate. It took him about two weeks to built it. Watch him showing off his suit in the video below.

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