English Couple Finds Well Under their Living Room

After living in their house for almost 25 years, English couple Colin and Vanessa Steer has discovered a 33-foot-deep medieval well beneath their living room floor.

According to London Telegraph, Colin Steer said that he noticed a slight dent while he was restoring the joists in the floor. It appeared to be filled in with the foundations of the house. Because of the discovery Steer was induced to explore the history of his property, located in the city of Plymouth, near the south coast of Devon, England.

At one time, Steer and a friend found a sword during his excavation efforts. It was hidden at a 45 degree angle and suddenly it just fell out. The old sword seems like an old peasant’s fighting weapon because it appears to be made up of pieces of metal all knocked together, he said.

Colin is asking help from experts to find out exactly how old the well is. For now Steer has fitted lights along its shaft and covered up the opening with a trap door.

via: All Voices
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