Lady in Red - Stanley Kubrick’s Photos of 1940s New York City

This image looks like a black and white modern day photo with color splash effect. It’s a high resolution vintage photo taken by Stanley Kubrick in the 1940s in New York City. Although Stanley has Continue reading

Mark Twain relaxing outside on what seems to be an autumn day.

An incredible collection of famous historic black and white photographs brought to life by Jordan Lloyd and Mads Madsen. The two professional colorists have combined their skills to create Continue reading

Egyptian Statuette Spins Untouched Inside Glass Case - Campbell Price

A time-lapse video shows an Egyptian statue mysteriously start to spin round in a display case at the Manchester Museum. The 10-inch tall relic is seen to remain Continue reading

Stunning Color Pictures of New York City in 1940s

An extraordinary high quality color pictures of New York city in the 40′s, taken by Charles Weever Cushman from Indiana.  The impressive Kodachrome pictures look far more recent than they actually Continue reading

Spitfire Airplane in 360 Mall

A behind the scenes look at the the historic British Spitfire jet fighter display at 360 Mall on February 22nd 2013. The plane was bought Continue reading

Civilization The Rise of Europe

Civilization: The Rise of Europe is a time-lapse tour of 14 historically significant European cities in 4 countries (England, France, Italy and Spain). The video is shot Continue reading