Portland Old Photo

Uncage the Soul Productions created an incredible short film that illustrate the journey from Portland’s past to present. The production company sorted through more than 5000 Continue reading

70s Hairstyle

Another time-lapse video posted by Cut that features a black model whose hair and makeup is done to match every decade from 1910 to 2010. Continue reading

Women Hairstyles in 60s

A time-lapse video uploaded by Cut that moves through the decades, revealing how beauty has evolved in the last 100 years in just one minute. Check out the model getting her hair Continue reading

Videotape Battle Between VHS and Betamax

Bill Hammack the Engineer guy explains to us the historic videotape battle between JVC VHS and Sony Betamax in the late 70’s and early 80’s, and why Continue reading

سامي كلارك

قبل أكثر من عشرين سنة أحببنا صوته، وكلنا سمعناه واليوم أول مرة أشوفه. والله ايام! سامي كلارك هو مغني مسلسل جريندايزر الكارتوني.