CrankCase: Power Generating iPhone Case

CrankCase For Apple iPhone

AMPWARE has developed a new charging technology for your iPhone or iPad. The CrankCase and CrankBox are two different portable batteries with a hand-turned crank.

The CrankCase is a smartphone case with an integrated hand-crank power generator, generating power from a biomechanical cranking cycle. The more you crank, the more power is generated and delivered to your device. 5 minutes of cranking will get you enough juice for three hours of smartphone use or half that for a tablet. (See chart below)

Crank time for Charging Battery

The CrankBox, is not a case, but it features a USB port to charge any smartphone or USB charged device, all you need is a cable.

CrankCase And CrankBox

The CrankCase and CrankBox currently on Indiegogo, where they raised about $7,417 of its $50k goal with 29 days of funding left. This campaign started on Mar 17 and will close on April 18, 2015 (11:59pm PT).

CrankCase is available for pre-order at a discounted price, starting at $49.99 (retail price $129.99). CrankBox will be available starting at $29.99 (retail price $69.99). Watch the video below.

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