Ohm: Smart Car Battery

Ohm Smart Car Battery

Ohm is a smart car battery that never needs to be jump started, works on the coldest days, lasts twice as long as the average lead-acid battery.

Most car batteries weigh around 18 kilos (40 pounds), with lead plates accounting for over half of that weight. On the other hand, Ohm weighs just 2 kilos (6 pounds), meaning that changing it and removing it from your car will be an easy task. It will also make your car lighter overall if that’s what you’re going for as well. How its creators managed to do this is why using an EDLC supercapacitor along with a smaller set of LiFePO4 batteries to help keep things powered even when the engine is off.

Ohm is raising funds for production on Indiegogo, where it’s already raised over $49,183 of its $50k goal with 26 days of funding left. Watch the video below.

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