Felipe Massa Flips Over At German F1 Grand Prix

Formula One driver Felipe Massa of Brazil was lucky to escape without injury after his car flipped upside during the start of the German F1 Grand Prix Continue reading

Deadly Hailstorm Hits Siberian River

A video shows sunbathers and swimmers in the eastern city of Novosibirsk desperately seeking shelter from large hail the size of golf balls falling from Continue reading

Lamborghini Gallardo Crash Pictures

A five-star hotel valet in India crashes a Lamborghini Gallardo into concrete wall causing a KD 96,700 (£200,000) worth of damage. The front end of Continue reading

Pet Lion Attacks TV Crew

No matter what, we can’t predict a exotic animals’s behavior. A TV crew members thought they were filming a docile Loin pet when, suddenly, it strikes! A video shot by the documentary crew Continue reading

Elderly Couple Flip Their Car Then Pose For Photos

An elderly married couple were driving their electric blue Honda in Bel Air, California, when the vehicle flipped over landing on its left side on a tree-lined Continue reading