Kuwaiti Lamborghini Getting Towed in St. Tropez

An Orange Lamborghini Aventador with a Kuwaiti license plates was towed in Saint-Tropez for parking in the Taxi bay spot. There was also another Kuwaiti Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG parked behind the Lamborghini, but I guess the owner was lucky that he didn’t get his share of the cheering! Watch the video below.

Via: Qabaq


  1. Kuwaitis, especially rich Kuwaitis, feel and act as if they are above the law… of course that only works within the boundaries of their rich but small country. They speed, stop in the middle of a busy highway to talk to another driver without caring for motorists behind. If you have an accident with a Kuwaiti citizen in their country, you will get cited and go to jail even if the fault lies on the Kuwaiti driver…. Nice to see justice where justice is due, powerless to buy the officer who towed that expensive piece of junk.

  2. It is only when driving in Kuwait that driving is an issue to me. Within a short period of time, I, too, started speeding and cutting in front of others because it was often done to me. It took me time to realize I was following the bad example of some who really didn’t care. To give you an example of careless drivers: Have you ever seen a driver or passenger throwing discarded food or other items from the car while moving or parked? That should carry a 500 kwd fine because it hurts the country in so many ways… throwing food on the ground increases the mice and rat’s population, the flies and mosquitos will also grow in quantities, in all, creating a passage for disease and infections, not to mention the ugly picture painted on the city. How about small children on the car’s dashboard or half body out the car’s window? Until the laws in place are enforced, these things will continue to happen and, unfortunately, end up hurting someone.

    1. I agree.. It’s all about the culture that made people behave the way they do. Nowadays you have to be an aggressive driver to survive on the road.

      What we really need here is a Government/Police that enforces the law on reckless drivers. They should also revoke driving licenses on drivers who came to this country with no driving experience, some of them were riding donkeys for a living before coming here.

      In the past, like 30 years ago, you barely see drivers behave the way they do now and get away with it. I am not saying this because I am a Kuwaiti, but most of them are non-Kuwaitis.

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