Longest Flag Pose

Tanabat Chua from Thailand set a world record for the longest flag pose for 17.5 seconds while balancing an 88-pound woman on his torso. Watch the Continue reading

Mountain Bike Backflip

Chris Van Dine attempts to conquer a backflip with the crowd cheering him on at the Taxco DH course in Mexico. Watch the video below.

Cristiano Ronaldo Sketchbook Animation

Cristiano Ronaldo is reimagined through a Sketchbook Animation by Richard Swarbrick. The artist hand paints some amazing moments from Ronaldo’s career. Watch Swarbrick incredible work in the video Continue reading

Go-kart Luge Run New Zealand

Lewis Knights went for a thrill ride on the Skyline Queenstown Luge in Queenstown, New Zealand. He brought his GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition aboard a Continue reading

Zlata The World's Bendiest Woman 1

Russian-born Zlata, 28, real name Julia Gunthel, has broken many world records for her flexibility and demonstrates her stretchy skills in her annual calendar. The Continue reading